Welcome to the ClanRuby project home page.

ClanRuby is a set of bindings which allow the clanlib library to be used from Ruby. ClanRuby came to be written when I decided that I wanted to write games using both  Ruby, my favorite object oriented scripting language and  ClanLib my favorite multimedia library.   Much to my dismay I discovered that there was no code out there to combine the two. The rest, as they say, is history.

Released at the end of 2002, version 0.6.5 allows you to use a lot more of ClanLib from Ruby than previous versions.
Follow these simple instructions to build ClanRuby from source.
Go from zero to a running Ruby script in about 30 lines!
The newest release of ClanRuby includes a number of demo scripts. Find out about them here.

And always, feel free to write to me with questions, comments or small doses of abuse at My username is rolsen. Logo